E - How Relationships Fuel Your Success

Presented as an informal panel discussion between colleagues on how their relationships have fueled individual and collective successes. We explore the pitfalls associated with feeling isolated and the effect on one’s time management, productivity, and mental resiliency. 

If there was ever a need to review the importance of social networking and connecting as humans pre-COVID-19, the need certainly exists now! We will check in with one another on how we are coping with the current conditions, what is working, what has changed and what are we missing – most importantly – why and how?

Relationships get us through tough times. Whether we realize it or not, a personal relationship will help you keep your job, enable you to excel in business, allow you to keep harmony in your life and remove barriers to help gain answers to questions that may have been otherwise difficult to obtain. Try leaning on someone you hardly know.

We will discuss trust, the foundation on which relationships are built. The importance of you being you. How do you show up? Do you have a workplace persona, or do you allow others to connect with the human being beneath? Lots more to discuss. We look forward to the Q&A portion of this presentation.

Together they are responsible for the creation, preparation, and maintenance of their local government's emergency program along with the management of two volunteer groups, Emergency Support Services and Emergency Communications Team.  Aaron and Rob are continuously working on the development and delivery of education programs including personal preparedness, Neighbourhood Emergency Programs (NEPP), business continuity, Emergency Operations Centre (EOC), FireSmart.


Through their development of Emergency Management Oceanside (EMO), they have worked cooperatively to break down silos and create an efficient and effective emergency program that combines the resources of two local governments, first responders, businesses, and First Nations to serve residents in their municipalities and surrounding region. Rob and Aaron believe there are no boundaries in an emergency and support equal treatment of residents regardless of where they live or their situation.

Aaron and Rob also assume leadership roles in the emergency management community on Vancouver Island as members of the Mid-Island Emergency Coordinators and Managers (MIECM). They actively work with other emergency coordinators to expand their professional development and work collectively to better support residents on Vancouver Island.

Their dedication to the residents of the region and to their profession has been proven through the past support of residents, first responder groups, and neighbouring communities during recent emergency events.


Thursday 1100 to 1200 HRS

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  • Retired
    Paige Hill

    Paige Hill has recently retired from Technical Safety BC where he spent 8 years as Vancouver Island’s Regional Business Leader. Currently, Paige sits on the Cherry Creek Water District Board as a Trustee. Paige is a trouble-shooter and an agent of change. He has spent the last 30+ years pursing and promoting Operational Excellence within the industrial and regulatory sectors across multiple provinces. He is an inclusive leader that is committed to lifelong learning while building trusting and resilient teams, teams that may leverage their strengths and relationships to help them reach their fullest potential. Paige is devoted husband, grandfather, father, musician, artist, craft-person, coach, and mentor.

  • Town of Qualicum Beach
    Rob Daman

    Rob Daman is the Emergency Program Coordinator for the Town of Qualicum Beach, a position he has held since 2013.

  • City of Parksville
    Aaron Dawson

    Aaron Dawson is the Emergency Program Coordinator for the City of Parksville, a position he has held since 2009. Rob and Aaron bring a diverse education and extensive work experience to the emergency management profession, enabling a broad view and approach to their positions.