L - Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) Teamwork Workshop

Ever wondered how to pull off an effective Emergency Operations Centre for those smaller, more frequent events?  This workshop is based on a Hazardous Materials scenario and will interactively highlight those critical questions and thought processes required for an EOC to effectively support first responders working at the scene as well as impacted residents.  Initial focus will be on all those regular tasks including activation, situational awareness, internal and external information sharing, communications, and documentation. There will be opportunity throughout the session to use the various forms and processes to gain a better understanding of what they are and how/why we use them.  Through this practical application, you can learn what goes into an effective response and identify “next steps” for moving your own EOC team forward.


Friday 1020 to 1220 HRS

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  • Collaborative Consulting
    Sybille Sanderson

    Sybille Sanderson has been active in the world of Emergency Management since 1998. In 2004 Sybille took on the role of Emergency Support Services Director for a regional Emergency Program and in 2009 also took on the role of Emergency Program Coordinator. During that time, the region responded to floods, smaller wildfires, landslides, gas leaks, planned events such as the North American Indigenous Games, and numerous apartment fires.

    In 2007, Sybille became an Emergency Support Services Instructor for JIBC and in 2016 started adding Emergency Operations Centre courses to her repertoire. In 2019, Sybille retired from her full-time job so she could travel, continue teaching for JIBC and work with smaller communities to build their emergency management capacity.

    On a personal note, Sybille has four grown children, 10 wonderful grandchildren and is currently look after her aging parents 24/7.