D - Canadian Hazards in Emergency Response Preparedness (CHERP)

The Canadian Hazards Emergency Response & Preparedness (CHERP) initiative is an outreach program designed to help Canadian households discover, prepare for, and respond to natural and technological hazards. The project is a collaboration between UBC's School of Community and Regional Planning and our partnering communities. Our first project is the development of a iOS mobile app to help community residents learn about local hazards and to develop personalized household emergency preparedness and response plans adapted to the unique needs of household members.


Thursday 1100 to 1200 HRS

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  • University of BC
    Ryan Reynolds

    Dr. Reynolds is a post-doctoral research fellow at UBC’s School of Community and Regional Planning. His research aims to assist Canadian communities and households to prepare for and respond to local hazard threats, with a focus on tsunami risk. His work explores hazard risk mapping, risk communication, and how online and mobile tools can be used to assist vulnerable households in their preparations. Ryan has been engaged in several projects including: The Resilient Coasts Canada platform (or “Resilient C”); the Disaster Risk Reductions Pathways Project; and the Canadian Hazards Emergency Response and Preparedness Initiative